Teach2000 – Download

Release: Teach2000 8.53 – March 2011
Teach2000 is free, without ads or spyware.

There are two versions for Windows. A ‘full version’ and a version for your USB drive.
If you have a PocketPC or a Smartphone, you can try the miniTeach beta.
Download full version Full version (7.93 MB)
Not sure which one to download? Get this one!
Download or download or ZIP

To install Teach2000 on your USB drive, use this download:

Download USB drive version USB drive version (7.96 MB)
Take Teach2000 with you to school, your family or on vacation!
Download or download or ZIP


miniTeach for your mobile phone

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS)

miniTeach for iPhone, iPod and iPad can be downloaded from the AppStore.


miniTeach for Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

Windows Phone

miniTeach for Windows Phone can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.

Other mobile devices

If you have a different mobile device, use the mobile website.